Melrose Classes


Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Connect and Sustain

Every Thursday @ 7:30pm

Saturday Afternoon Meditation & Talk

Every Saturday @ 5:00pm

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Sunday @ 11:00am

Community Silent Sit and Meditation

Every Sunday @ 5:00pm

Deepening Your Practice

Every Monday @ 7:45pm

Silent Morning Sits

Mon through Fri @ 6am and @ 7am

Wake Up Call

Every Friday @ 7am


Santa Monica Classes


Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Monday @ 7:30pm

Deepening Your Practice

Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Living the Suttas

Every Friday @ 7:30pm

Young People's Group

Every Sunday @ 5:45pm

Dharma Den

Every Sunday @ 7:30pm

Morning Sit

Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 10am


Studio City


Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Thursday @ 7:30pm



Upcoming Classes and Events 


Restorative Yoga

With Samantha Lawrence - Feb 28 - Melrose

Daylong with Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Mar 7, 2015 - Melrose

An Evening with Sharon Salzberg

Mar 13, 2015 - Santa Monica

Sila: The Ethical Practice

Daylong with JoAnna Harper - Mar 21 - Melrose

An Evening with Larry Yang

Sutta Study - Mar 28 - Santa Monica

Dharma Goes to the Movies - Ed Wood

Mar 28 - Santa Monica

Let's Get Real

Half Day with Michele Benzamin-Miki - Mar 29 - Santa Monica

Daylong with Phillip Moffitt

Apr 26, 2015 - Santa Monica