SF Update – April 2013


San Francisco Update – February 2014


After lots of delays and false starts we’re on the road to getting our center ready to move in. We’ve got people looking at the best way to proceed to make this work for us. Stay tuned for notices and pictures and updates on the work, and how you can help.  Thanks for your patience.


April 2013:

After almost a year of searching and several close calls, Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society has finally found our new home in San Francisco.

We have secured a long-term lease in a wonderful location. Vinny, Mathew, Gene and Enrique have all approved it and all of the wheels are in motion. I signed the lease this morning and feel that we have negotiated a good deal for ourselves. We were only able to do this because of the generosity of the community, this week several very generous members of the SF Sangha pledged additional donations that equal $38,000. This will allow us to create the meditation center we have been dreaming up. The one catch is that it is going to take some time to get all of the necessary permits and remodeling done. We are probably looking at somewhere around another 4 to 8 months before all is said and done. But we are confident that the SF center will open its doors this year.

The location is near 23rd and Folsom in the Mission.
It’s close to Bart and Burritos.

Thank you for your patience, sorry this is taking so long.
I look forward to seeing our community have its own home in the city.