Against the Stream is a registered non-profit organization with Ralphs. If you register your Ralphs card, use it when you shop and Against the Stream will receive a donation from Ralphs each month.

**If you do not have a Ralph’s card and
would like to participate, they are available at any Ralph’s store. Please
note: you cannot complete the registration without one. You must re-register your card each September.

Over the last few years we have received several hundred dollars in donations. Thank you!


1. Set up your account by registering
online at

2. Click on Ralphs Rewards in the top right;

3. Login to your account;

4. Click on My Account.

5. Click on Community Rewards

6. Edit Community Rewards Information

7. When it asks you to “Find your
Organization,” enter our code, 91458, or search for “Against the Stream.”

8. Select Against the Stream, then save.

             9. Voilà! You’re registered. Now all you
need to do is shop!