Santa Monica Lease


The Santa Monica Story

For almost two years we had a month-to-month rental agreement for the Santa Monica center. This meant we could have gotten a 30-day notice to leave at any moment. However, with the help of our community (=YOU), we were able to sign a one-year lease which started Sept 1, 2010. We needed your help because although our landlord gave us a great deal, we increased our monthly payment by $1,300. A lot of people chipped in to help us make up the difference. Our generous landlord kept the rate the same for the 2011-2012 lease and the community (=YOU) stepped up again. Amazingly now that second year is up and we are again looking to the community to help us make make the rent.


How You Can Help

Our landlord has offered us another one-year lease with $100 increase, which makes it a $1,400 gap to keep this center going into 2013.  This means we need 14 people to commit to $100 per month, or 28 people to commit to $50 per month, or 56 people to commit $25 per month, and so on (or one person to give us $16,800). This money would be earmarked for the Santa Monica lease only. You are welcome to make a one-time only contribution as well. Every little bit helps and no donation is too small.


Why This is Important

Once we had our lease, we were able to increase the number of classes and could schedule guest teachers months in advance. Our Santa Monica community continues to grow and we want to support this and the additional classes and obviously cannot do this without a guaranteed lease in place.  If you would like to insure we stay in Santa Monica for another year, this is how you can help. If you have any questions please contact Mary or Bobbi.


SIGN UP HERE to become a Santa Monica Supporter. (Check the Santa Monica Lease option in the Allocation Drop Down Menu.) Or Monthly Supporter forms are available at the Santa Monica and Melrose Centers. You can also make a one-time lease donation by CLICKING HERE.


As of August 27, we have $1,410 committed towards $1,400 = 100+% – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

FYI, our monthly lease payment is $4,000 and we appreciate any support you can give towards this amount.