Los Angeles


Upcoming Classes and Events


Meditation Interventions for Recovery

8-week Series with George Haas - May 26 - Santa Monica

Relaxing Into Presence

A Daylong with Cheryl Slean - May 30 - Melrose

Off the Cushion

Neighborhood Cleanup - May 30

Spring Cleaning

June 6 - Melrose

Art & Meditation

A Half Day with Mollie Favour - June 7 &/or June 14

Beyond Healing

Half Day with Caitriona Reed - June 13 - Santa Monica

Relational Mindfulness

Half Day With Deborah Eden Tull - June 20 - Santa Monica

Mindfulness and the Body: A Workshop

With Bhikkhuni Vimala and Judith Summer Brown - June 27

Dharma Goes to the Movies

Birdman with Denise DiNovi - June 27 - Santa Monica

Basic Mindfulness of Breath

8-Week Series with Mike Zittel - July 10 - Melrose

Intro to Meditation

July 11- Melrose

Buddhist Mindfulness and Trauma

Daylong with Pablo Das - Aug 1 - Melrose


Weekly Classes

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Connect and Sustain

Every Thursday @ 7:30pm

Saturday Afternoon Meditation & Talk

Every Saturday @ 5:00pm

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Sunday @ 11:00am

Community Silent Sit and Meditation

Every Sunday @ 5:00pm

Deepening Your Practice

Every Monday @ 7:45pm

Silent Morning Sits

Mon through Fri @ 6am and @ 7am

Wake Up Call

Every Friday @ 7am

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Monday @ 7:30pm

Dharma Den

Every Wednesday @ 5:30pm

Deepening Your Practice

Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Morning Sit

Every Thursday @ 10:00am

Living the Suttas

Every Friday @ 7:30pm

Young People's Group

Every Sunday @ 5:45pm

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Sunday @ 7:30pm

Studio City

Every Thursday @ 7:30pm


San Francisco



Upcoming Classes and Events


Body as the Vehicle for Insight

Half Day with Megan Cowan - Postponed

The Path of Transformation

Half Day with Kim Allen - June 21

Mindfulness and the Four Noble Truths

Daylong with Dave Smith - July 12

The Geography of Buddhism

A Half-Day with Michael Owens - July 12


Weekly Classes

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Monday at 7:30

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Thursday at 5:30

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Friday at 7:30

Refuge Recovery

Every Sunday at 5:30

Oakland ATS Sitting Group

Every Wednesday at 7:00pm