Los Angeles


Upcoming Classes and Events


6th Annual Auction & Street Fair

Sept 12 - Melrose

Intro to Meditation

Sept 19 - Melrose

Rest in Being

A Half Day with Mary Stancavage - Sept 20 - Santa Monica

Surf School: Living the Four Noble Truths

Daylong with Pablo Das - Oct 3 - Melrose

Relational Mindfulness

Daylong with Deborah Eden Tull - Oct 10 - Santa Monica

Attention, Balance Compassion

Six Weeks with Susan Kaiser Greenland - Santa Monica

Back to Basics

Daylong with Noah Levine - Oct 25 - Santa Monica

Being Mindful and White

Nov 1 - Daylong

Evening with Stephen Batchelor

Nov 3 - Melrose - SAVE THE DATE

Buddhist Mindfulness & Trauma

Daylong with Pablo Das - Nov 7 - Santa Monica

Restorative Yoga

Workshop with Samantha Joseph - Nov 7 - Melrose

Daylong with Amma Thanasanti

Nov 14 - Melrose - SAVE THE DATE

Letting Go into Freedom

Daylong with Mary Stancavage - Dec 5 - Melrose


Weekly Classes

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Connect and Sustain

Every Thursday @ 7:30pm

Saturday Afternoon Meditation & Talk

Every Saturday @ 5:00pm

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Sunday @ 11:00am

Community Silent Sit and Meditation

Every Sunday @ 5:00pm

Deepening Your Practice

Every Monday @ 7:45pm

Silent Morning Sits

Mon through Fri @ 6am and @ 7am

Wake Up Call

Every Friday @ 7am

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Monday @ 7:30pm

Dharma Den

Every Wednesday @ 5:30pm

Deepening Your Practice

Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Morning Sit

Every Tues & Thurs @ 10:00am

Living the Suttas

Every Friday @ 7:30pm

Young People's Group

Every Sunday @ 5:45pm

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Sunday @ 7:30pm

Studio City

Every Thursday @ 7:30pm


San Francisco



Upcoming Classes and Events


Yoga and Meditation Half Day Retreat

with Khristine Jones and Enrique Collazo - September 5

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Half Day with Matthew Brensilver - September 19

Body as the Vehicle for Insight

Half Day with Megan Cowan - October 3

Distill: Meditation and 5Rhythms® Dance

Daylong with Matthew Brensilver and Kate Shela - Oct. 17

Recovering Joy: A Mindful Life After Addiction

Daylong with Kevin Griffin - November 7

Trauma and Mindfulness

Daylong with Pawan Bareja - November 21


Weekly Classes

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Monday at 7:30pm

Morning Meditation

Every Wednesday at 7:30am

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Thursday at 5:30pm

Meditación en Español

Cada primer y tercer jueves a las 7:30pm. (First and third Thursdays, 7:30pm)

Morning Meditation

Every Friday at 7:30am

Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Friday at 7:30pm

Refuge Recovery

Every Sunday at 5:30pm

Oakland ATS Sitting Group

Every Wednesday at 7:00pm