2015 Financials and Review

Where We’ve Been…2015

2015 is in the books and all we can say is “What a year!” Our San Francisco Center opened in April and has quickly become a dharma hub in the Bay Area. Our two centers in Los Angeles continue to provide a variety of weekly classes, daylongs, series and year-long programs. Thousands of people come through our doors each month, and countless others are part of our virtual community connected through retreats, podcasts, and social media.

In October, 12 teachers graduated from our most recent ATS Teacher Training program and are in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston and other places in the US and Europe sharing the dharma with all who are interested. We started advanced Facilitator Training and a Mentor Training program.

We received a $15,000 Hemera Foundation Grant which provided fellowships to our retreats for teachers and others working in K-12 schools. We’re proud to announce that we’re the recipient of this grant again for 2016. We also received a very generous donation which allowed us to offer scholarships to whoever needed one for our 2015 retreats.

The details:
• 39 weekly classes or sitting groups in all our locations (31 in LA & 8 in SF)
• 37 special class series and daylongs (26 in LA & 11 in SF)
• 180 received scholarship support (12% of all attendees)
• 24 dana-only classes and events (19 in LA & 5 in SF)
• 2269 attended all special series and daylongs (1484 in LA & 785 in SF)
• We have a Spanish meditation class in San Francisco
• About 2,800 people come through our doors each month (1,900 in LA & 900 in SF)
• We had six retreats on two coasts (over 24% of 455 total retreat attendees received scholarship support)

Where We’re Going…2016

We’re going to turn eight in 2015 and our focus remains on three specific areas: Programs, People & Finances

Programs: Continue to expand and meet the needs of the community

Our plans for 2016 include our continued commitment to growth, diversity, staying relevant and supporting the sangha. We’re introducing a monthly People of Color and Allies group which will be a space to explore racial justice issues and what we as compassionate partners can accomplish on this path of non-harming.  We will launch a new Facilitator 1 training in the Fall. Our intention is to have all our centers offer rich programs which includes teachings on all aspects of the path

People: Grow and support our community, both locally and virtually

We’re putting a big emphasis on supporting our virtual sangha this year. ATS is eight years old and so is our website. Along with getting a new site, we’ll be upgrading our podcasting and streaming capabilities to support those near and far. We’ll continue to provide robust programming for the local sanghas including affinity groups and other relevant offerings.

JoAnna Harper and Vinny Ferraro have taken on the role of Guiding Teachers for Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively. Noah will remain involved as the Founding Teacher but JoAnna and Vinny will be an active presence, teaching classes and guiding the sangha.

Finances: As a non-profit, finances will remain our most challenging area

San Francisco opened in April and has turned a corner in holding its own and we’re looking towards a year of continued growth and stability both in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  We’re excited to announce that we received two more Hemera Fellowship Grants for 2016, totaling $30,000. These will allow people to attend retreats who have not been able to do so before.

Finances are always a challenge in the non-profit world but our intention is to support our community and be supported it in a healthy and fiscally sound way. We’re so grateful to everyone who has helped us get where we are today.

2015 P&L

2016 Plan


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