Being on Your Own Side

Working with Difficult Emotions, Self-Criticism, and Doubt

A Daylong with Gene Lushtak

Saturday, February 6, 2016

10am- 4pm


Learning to be mindful of our experience and being present in the here and now is really great – except for when it’s not. As we continue our practice, we inevitably encounter difficult emotions, self-criticism, and doubt. Suddenly, the simple instruction of “just be with it” can feel frustrating, ineffective, and isolating. Without the right support, wise understanding and skill, the power of these hindrances can undermine even the most disciplined practice.

During this daylong, we will learn to see clearly how we get caught in these internal storms, their nature, and learn specific practices for finding refuge and uniting with ourselves in the face of these difficult states.

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Gene Lushtak has been practicing meditation for nearly 20 years. Inspired by his experiences with multiple month-long retreats, he moved to Thailand to ordain as a monk in 2004. Since returning to the U.S., Gene has continually explored how to integrate the teachings into ordinary, daily life. He completed Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader Training and taught mindfulness in grade schools as part of InnerKids in Los Angeles. He has led numerous ongoing meditation groups, and currently teaches with Against the Stream and Mindful Schools. He is certified in Somatic Experiencing – a therapeutic modality that emphasizes nervous system regulation. Gene co-leads our Monday night group and has been teaching in our sangha for the last 10 years.


This will be held at Against the Stream San Francisco
2701 Folsom Street 415.695.2864