2009 Financial Review



Where We’ve Been…2009


It’s hard to believe, but we’ve just celebrated our
second anniversary in the Melrose Center, and our first anniversary in Santa
Monica. When 2009 started, we were uncertain as to how we would end the year,
but we kept on going and are proud to look back and see all we’ve accomplished.


10 weekly classes or sitting
groups in two locations averaging 250 attendees combined

34 special class series and

840 attended the special series
and daylongs

223 received scholarship support
(26.5% of all attendees)

We hosted our first Residential
Retreat with 70 attendees

We hosted the first Buddhist
Recovery Network International Conference with over 70 attendees from around
the world



Where We’re Going…2010


Our goals for the coming year center on three
areas:  People, Programs and Finances.


People:           We
want to grow our community and get you involved.

Programs:      We want
to make sure our calendar is full of what serves our sangha

Finances:        We
want to do more than operate at a loss, or just make ends meet so we can continue to offer the teachings
of the Buddha to whoever is interested and to increase our scholarship support
for retreats and special programs


For our financial details, please check out the following links:


                               2009 P&L

                               2010 Plan


We’d love to hear from you. If you have comments, suggestions, or want to get involved, please write,

[email protected]