2010 Financial Review


Where We’ve Been…2010


Whew, what a year! 
2010 was a year of great challenges for Against the Stream. Financially,
we felt the pinch everyone experienced in this economy, but the sangha came
together and we ended the year breaking even. Most importantly, however, we
were able to continue to make the teachings of the Buddha available to anyone
who wished to receive them and turned no one away from our regular classes and
programs because of lack of funds. 2010 was a year of tremendous gratitude to
all of you for your support in all the ways you show it.


In fact, 2010 was a year of growth for us. We
signed a one-year lease on the Santa Monica facility which has allowed us to
plan and expand our programs there. We now have a meditation group in Sherman
Oaks as well. Last year we continued to offer daylongs and class series and hosted
several dana-only events. In all, we increased our programming by over 10%.


  • 15 weekly classes or sitting
    groups in three locations
  • 23 special class series and
  • 132 received scholarship support
    (21.5% of all attendees)
  • 22 dana only classes and events
  • 1006 attended all special series
    and daylongs
  • Over 1,300 people per month come
    through the doors to attend regular classes
  • We hosted our second Silent
    Retreat with 70 attendees (25% with scholarship support)
  • We had our first Silent Auction
    and Sit-a-Thon which raised funds to support scholarships


Where We’re Going…2011


As with last year, our focus remains on three
specific areas


The growth is continuing. This year, we will offer an East Coast Retreat in
September, and hold our third annual retreat at Joshua Tree. Along with our
regular classes and special programs, we will again host the Buddhist Recovery
Network Conference, will have a Year-to-Live group forming later this year, and
currently support four Community Groups: Buddhist Recovery, People of Color,
LGBTQ, and a Women’s Group.

Live streaming of some classes with Noah should be
available by mid-Spring.


A large part of our agenda is building the community. Stay tuned for more
bowling nights, movie nights, a photo shoot, and just-for-fun sangha events. We
are instituting some Days of Social Action and we’ll be announcing the details

As we continue to grow, we need your volunteer
support more than ever. If you’d like to be a part of the community, let us


a non-profit, finances will remain our most challenging area. We’re projected
to be in the red for 2011 because we frontloaded and spent some income for much
needed operating expenses in 2010. However, we will have another Silent
Auction, Sit-a-Thon and other fundraising events throughout the year and hope
to grow the Monthly Supporter program. We thank you in advance for your
constant support and help in keeping the doors open.


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We’d love to hear from you. If you have comments,
suggestions, or would like to get involved, please write
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