Antidotes to Fear


Antidotes to Fear

Six Weeks on Fear with George Haas

Tuesdays Starting October 20


7:15 – 9:15 pm



The Buddha said that the source of all our fear comes from our own
uncontrolled minds or “delusions”.
This course looks at ways we can change our relationship with fear from a
tendency to fight, flight or freeze into a positive energizing force that makes
life easier, not harder. This is a technique-heavy course, covering both
concentration and insight aspects of Vipassana meditation.
We will look at meditation strategies for dealing with fear that
arises in response to the outside world, for fear that is self-generated as a
way to cope, for fear associated with the pool of poison and pain so many of us
carry around, and ways to enhance positive feeling states as an antidote to the
suffering fear causes.



This course
is appropriate for any level of meditator.

George Haas began his path with a period of light-weight spiritual seeking (and heavy-duty drug and alcohol use).  In 1978, he began a serious exploration of the 11th step of the 12-Step tradition, working primarily with concentration to reduce the anxiety of living sober.  In an effort to make sense out of, and live with, the mounting AIDS deaths of the 1980s, Mr. Haas began walking the Red Road and reading Buddhist texts.  The idea of finding a good teacher began to make sense but initial forays proved fruitless, and Mr. Haas preferred the identity of a Dharma orphan.  Moving to Los Angeles from Manhattan in 1992, Mr. Haas began sitting vipassana at Ordinary Dharma, and reading extensively.  In 1998, he began study with his current teacher, Shinzen Young, and Vipassana Support International, where he was able to (slowly) let go of his identity of a Dharma orphan.  Mr. Haas has been teaching meditation in Los Angeles since 2000.


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This class will be held at 4300 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA