Buddhist Mindfulness and Trauma

A Trauma Informed Daylong with Pablo Das

April 16, 2016




Buddhism encourages a process of developing greater presence for both the pleasant and unpleasant experiences that are part of any human life. This process can be complicated when a person has a history of trauma. Trauma, whether connected to early childhood, an event as an adult or to social oppression / historical trauma, changes our nervous system, our physiological responses and impacts our capacity to self regulate.  Often people with a history of trauma will have extra challenges that require additional tools and a different framework for how to think about what it means to be present.

In this very gentle and permissive daylong we explore some ways of working to create more capacity for presence. The day will include lecture, self regulatory strategies, mindfulness, compassion practices and movement. Each practitioner can self select their level of participation throughout the day as part of their self regulatory practice.

This is not a trauma resolution workshop so there is no specific intention to work with traumatic events themselves.

Cost: Sliding Scale: $35-$75 and the offering of dana to the teacher. Please click here for information on the tradition of dana. Scholarships and work-study are available. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

$100 Plus Monthly Supporters attend for no cost. To RSVP as a monthly supporter, click here.
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Pablo Das is empowered to teach mindfulness meditation and Buddha Dharma by Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society founder Noah Levine. He teaches regularly at A.T.S. centers in Los Angeles where he resides. He is on the original treatment team at Refuge Recovery, A Buddhist based and trauma informed outpatient treatment program for drug and alcohol Addiction. He a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing which is a body centered system for working with trauma. He maintains a private “awareness based” wellness coaching practice working with clients one on one, integrating Buddhist practice and principles, somatic experiencing and holistic health models.  He has worked in suicide prevention for the LGBTQAI teen population. He is also a Buddhism inspired indie-folk (antifolk) musician who can be found transforming monotonous Buddhist chants into indie rock retreat hits.

This daylong will be held at 4300 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA. Click on the address for info on parking around the Melrose Center.