Catriona Sept


The Five Principles for Transformational Change


A Daylong Workshop with Caitrìona Reed 

Saturday September 21, 2013


10am – 4pm



If you’re sick and you go to the doctor, and she fixes you, you’re happy right? You may also learn that healing is all about fixing symptoms. So it’s perhaps it’s natural that you expect the same from Meditation.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with fixing symptoms. But why not change the whole system, since we can?


 The Five Change’s Principles for rapid transformation consist of an integration of practices drawn from multiple modalities.


They are a means to permanently transform the internal building blocks that perpetuate inner conflicts, limiting beliefs, and self-defeating habits and behaviors.


 The Five Changes are a system for rapid permanent change that transforms how you think and feel, by transforming the neural patterns, internal associations, and ingrained behaviors that have defined us and driven us.It  isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It’s actually really simple. That doesn’t mean that it’s simplistic, only that It’s both simple and effective.



Join Caitrìona for a day of exploration, reflection, learning, and fun. Bring a notebook, a pen, and try on some new ideas.

Cost: This workshop is priced on sliding scale. Please pay at the highest amount you can afford to help support our programs.

Sliding Scale:  $40 – $70 Work study and scholarships are available. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds.


The registration fees go to support Against the Stream, it’s programs and scholarship funds. The teacher receives 100% of the dana. $100 Plus Monthly Supporters attend for no registration fees (but dana is appreciated). Please CLICK HERE for more info on our Monthly Supporter program.




Caitrìona Reed has led workshops and retreats internationally for more than twenty-five years. She is a Master Trainer of NLP, Gestalt and Ericksonian Hypnosis. In 1992, after teaching Vipassana retreats for a number of years, she was authorized as a teacher of Zen by Thich Nhat Hanh. She is co-founder of Manzanita Village Retreat and Five Changes. Her experience as a ‘woman of transsexual experience’ has led her to the belief that the big scary changes we may be afraid to make – in life, in our relationships, in business – are in fact the keys to our authentic liberation.



This workshop will be held at 4300 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles. Click on the address for info on parking around the Melrose Center.


We have chairs and cushions available.


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