The Great Dharma Race

July 19.

Start time 9:30am – Melrose


Join us for Against the Stream’s first ever “Amazing Dharma Race”. We have plotted a course around Los Angeles and Santa Monica that will take you on several adventures. – it is sure to be fun!

The race will begin at 9:30am at our Hollywood location (4300 Melrose Ave). There you will receive the rules and instructions for the day.Throughout the race you will be given a series of clues which will lead to your next destination. Each destination will require a different challenge to be completed by your two-person team. Each challenge will require a different set of skills to complete, so you do not have to be physically gifted to play. This race will encompass every aspect of our human diversity: intelligence, patience, creativity, generosity and desire.

Registration for each team is $65 or you can register as an individual for $35 (we pair you up on race day)

Prizes will be given out for:

1st Place -We Finished All the Obstacles and We Did it First!

The Best Dressed Team

Team that Raised the Most $$ for ATS (get your friends to sponsor you and make this a fundraiser)

Please, come experience this adventure which you will surely remember for a lifetime!





Important Race Information

TRAVEL: Because this a race across LA we do recommend that you have a motorized mode of transportation; however, bicyclists, joggers, 

transporters or Public Transit are certainly welcome modes as well. ATS Dharma Race LA may occur anywhere between the Hollywood and 

Santa Monica centers, covering approx 25-50 driving miles from start to finish. Players will not know in advance exactly where they will be traveling.


TIME: this event should run somewhere between 3 to 5 hours, so please bring snacks and drinks to stay energized and hydrated.


CLUES are in sealed envelopes at each location, and may be photographs, hints, puzzles, speci!c directions or some combination of these. 

Teams often have to perform a certain task before receiving their next clue.


FASTLANE cards can be purchased and will allow teams to skip one location.


This is not a simple mission. There will be obstacles, there will be volunteer monitors along the way and there will be other highly trained teams 

searching for the clues. Your team will receive a trophy and some other prizes and other bragging rights if you are the !rst team to succeed your mission.

We need volunteers  if you are interested in helping please contact Shannon at 323-787-7077 or [email protected].