Women’s Group

The Second Saturday of Each Month

10am – 11:30am



with Eileen Ybarra

Our Women’s Group meets the second Saturday of each month at the Melrose Center. Our intention is to be a regular gathering and to be a place of practice and friendship. We are offering this for women to support and get to know each other and build community. Join us for sitting and walking meditation, discussion and sharing.

This group is open to all women of any meditative experience.

If you have any questions, please call 323.665.4300.

Eileen Ybarra began studying Buddhism and sitting meditation in 2004 when she attended a two day non-residential retreat in L.A taught by Trudy Goodman and Noah Levine. Since 2004 she has studied with Trudy Goodman, and since 2006 has primarily studied with Noah Levine. She has also studied with Gil Fronsdal. Her profession is public librarianship, a meaningful practice of service and mindfulness which she is grateful for. Currently, she is a facilitator for the monthly People of Color (POC) meditation group where she leads guided meditations and group discussions. She has completed two year-long practice/study groups with Noah Levine, and has completed a year-long sutta study group with Gil Fronsdal, and has completed the Against the Stream Facilitator Training with Noah Levine.

Melrose: 4300 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Click More info.

Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13, Jun 10, Jul 8, Aug 12, Sep 9, Oct 14 (Santa Monica), Nov 11, Dec 9