Compassion Fund

From its very inception Against the Stream has offered support to those in our community facing major life issues and changes. From time to time we’ve organized fundraising to assist those experiencing financial difficulties as well. To that end we created a Compassion Fund where all the funds are designated for those in need.

Historically in our tradition, teachers are supported by the community. This is especially true for monastics who rely solely on others for their food, shelter and medical needs. But to a great extent our lay teachers who receive dana rather than a salary are also dependent on the generosity of others for their livelihood. Sometimes this can cause difficulties when teachers retire or need extra support. At this time there are two members of our extended teaching community who are in need and we are reaching out to the broad ATS sangha for their support by making a contribution to the Compassion Fund. Donations are tax-deductible.

Ondrea Levine: Stephen and Ondrea have touched many of our lives in countless ways. For years, they were of enormous service to tens of thousands of people facing death. With Stephen’s recent passing, people have asked how they can support Ondrea, who is living with Leukemia.
If you wish to support Ondrea in this next chapter of her life, please donate. Funds will be used for her living and health expenses. This will include making the major transition from her current isolated home in rural northern NM, to a new location of her choosing.

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Frank Uyttebroeck: Frank has dedicated his life to being of service as a Buddhist teacher, palliative caregiver and personal counselor, touching thousands of people with his compassion, kindness and wisdom. While palliative work has been immensely rewarding, he now finds himself at a point where he needs to step back from his caregiving role in the palliative community, and turn towards caring for himself as a dharma teacher and counselor. An opportunity has arisen that will allow him to be on sabbatical and move into creating a more balanced life immersed in the dharma.

Frank will spend a major portion of this sabbatical period in a volunteer position as “Meditation Teacher in Residence” at the New Life Foundation in Thailand, teaching meditation to people in recovery and other residents of the center. During his sabbatical, he will also be traveling to teach retreats in Europe and the US, hoping to connect with the larger ATS sangha and with meditation groups and practitioners around the world, thus expanding his role as a teacher of the dharma.

If you wish to support Frank in recalibrating his intentions and direction in life, please donate.
Funds will be used for Frank’s health care, insurances and living costs.

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European sangha members who don’t have a credit card can offer their donation to IBAN number
F.F.J.H.H.J. Uyttebroeck