Compassionate Action Group

Meets the Second Sunday each Month


4300 Melrose


Now is the time for action! CAG is a new monthly practice, support and action group for people engaged in social change, or who wish to get more involved, from a mindful, dharmic perspective. The group will be responsive to participants’ needs, but in general will explore how dharma study and mindfulness practice can inspire, sustain and motivate us in our change work, without losing balance or getting lost in overwhelm. No matter what specific harm-causing system we’re concerned with, the intentions underlying the impulse to take action are the same– to respond wisely to what we see clearly as societal harm, and to envision and shepherd into reality more just and sustainable systems that nurture our communities in harmony with each other, the beings we share the planet with, and the natural systems we depend on for life.

The group will be co-facilitated by ATS teacher Cheryl Slean and a rotating roster of leaders from ATS and elsewhere in the engaged wisdom and activist communities. The meeting will offer practice, reflections and discussions, but it won’t be just talking and sitting; we’ll be making and sharing opportunities for direct action, in collaboration with other action groups in our community.

There is much to respond to in this challenging time for our country, but a time of crisis can also be an opportunity for transformative change. Please don’t suffer alone with the ills of the world! You’re invited to be inspired and uplifted by acting creatively, compassionately, and wisely, supported in friendship and community. All are welcome, whether new or experienced with mindfulness practice and/or activism. Please bring engagement opportunities to share!