Deconstructing Addiction

A Daylong with Michael W. Taft and Jessica Graham

Saturday July 25, 2015

9:00am – 4:00pm



Today’s cutting edge neuroscience is showing us that addiction may soon be a thing of the past. Studies show that meditation can reduce the cravings, anxiety, and depression related to addiction. In this daylong retreat, meditation teachers Michael W. Taft and Jessica Graham, offer techniques and guidance for finding freedom from addiction through mindfulness practice. Addiction comes in many forms: everything from drug addiction to addiction to negative relationship patterns can be addressed with these simple yet profound teachings. By learning to deconstruct and “see through” the strands of experience that create a self, you will move towards liberation from compulsion and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Cost: Sliding scale $35 – $75 plus dana for the teacher.
Scholarships and work study available, no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Online Registration  now closed, walk in registration still available

Michael W. Taft is an author, editor, meditation teacher, and neuroscience junkie. He is currently a meditation coach specializing in secular, science-based meditation training in corporate settings and one-on-one sessions. Michael is the author of several books, including the upcoming The Mindful Geek, and Nondualism: A Brief History of a Timeless Concept, Ego (which he co-authored), as well as the editor of such books as Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson and the upcoming The Science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young. From Zen temples in Japan to yogi caves in India, Michael has been meditating for over thirty years and has extensive experience in both Buddhist and Hindu practice. Michael is a senior facilitator in Shinzen Young’s Basic Mindfulness system. He currently lives in Berkeley, California, and is founding editor of the popular mindfulness meditation blog Deconstructing Yourself.

Jessica Graham teaches Eastside Mindfulness Meditation, a weekly meditation class in Silverlake, LA, as well as working with private clients. She has been trained in Shinzen Young’s Basic Mindfulness System and also draws inspiration from Adyashanti, Pema Chödrön, Tara Brach, and Michael A.Singer. Jessica is a contributing editor of the secular mindfulness meditation blog Deconstructing Yourself, in which her popular series Mindful Sex appears. She is also a certified grief specialist, an actor, and a producer.


This Daylong will be held at 4300 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles