Developing Mind-Body Skills to Regulate the Nervous System

A Daylong Retreat with Gene Lushtak

Saturday, August 15
San Francisco

Whether you’ve experienced acute trauma or your system is overwhelmed by the intensity of modern life, settling into meditation is often much easier said than done. We are attracted to the idea of sitting down, watching the breath and calming our mind and body, but in practice this can sometimes be more agitating than soothing. In the last 15 years, research into the nervous system has grown exponentially– we now know much more about how it reacts to perceived threats, goes into cycles of activation and deactivation, and more. This lets us better soothe and regulate the mind-body system.

In this daylong we will combine mindfulness and Somatic Experiencing- a modality developed to heal trauma and increase resilience, to practice regulating and calming the nervous system, develop new internal resources that settle and nourish the mind-body system which in turn make deeper mediation possible. All are welcome.

This daylong is offered on a sliding scale, from $35-75, plus dana to the teacher. (No registration fee for monthly supporters of $100 and up). Scholarships and work-study are available. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Online registration is now closed. We will accept a limited number of walk-in participants. Thank you!

Gene Lushtak has been practicing meditation for nearly 20 years. Inspired by his experiences with multiple month-long retreats, he moved to Thailand to ordain as a monk in 2004. On returning to the U.S., Gene sought to bring the teachings into lay life. He completed Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader Training and taught mindfulness in grade schools as part of InnerKids in Los Angeles. Gene has led numerous ongoing meditation groups, and currently teaches with Against the Stream and Mindful Schools. Gene is also trained in Somatic Experiencing – a modality that emphasizes the role of nervous system regulation in recovery from trauma.

This daylong will take place at 2701 Folsom Street. Chairs and cushions provided. Please bring a bag lunch.