A Blend of Sitting Meditation & 5Rhythms© Dance

with Matthew Brensilver and Kate Shela

Saturday July 14 & Sunday July 15

10:30am – 5pm

Santa Monica

Please plan to participate both days so a temporary community can form


Once again, Matthew and Kate will host a weekend of discovery and expression that combines sitting and moving meditation. There is beauty in movement and beauty in stillness. Mindfulness meditation is the practice of becoming intimate with the nature of experience. In developing this intimacy, we allow the mind and body to fully express itself internally. Sensations, emotions, and thoughts are given permission to arise in awareness even as the body rests in stillness. Dance represents the full external expression of this inner world. As we move, we find ways of articulating our inner life that feel most authentic and most vital. The stillness informs the movement, and the movement informs the stillness. Through various practices, Matthew and Kate will endeavor to lead you through the back alleys of your being and invite you, with discipline and kindness, to learn whatever it is you need to learn.


Please join us for this weekend. You definitely don’t have to be a dancer or an expert meditator to participate. The weekend is not about being good at something, but is instead an open-hearted exploration of what it’s really like to be alive.

Cost: $125 to $180 (sliding scale) for the weekend. (No dana weekend.)





Kate Shela is 5Rhythms teacher and shamanic healer and teacher known for her enormous passion, a vulnerable sense of the intimate and the ability to create community and tribe. She is a senior instructor within the Moving Center School founded by Gabrielle Roth, with whom she has been closely associated since 1992.


Matthew Brensilver has studied mindfulness with Shinzen Young for nine years and has trained for several years with Noah Levine. He teaches mediation at USC and UCLA, where he works doing addiction research.


They are very happy to bring these two paths together.



This weekend will be held at 1001a Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401. Click on the address for info on parking around the Santa Monica Center.