Education Fellowships

Against the Stream is honored to participate in the Hemera Foundation’s 2015 Contemplative Fellowship for Educators Program. This program makes it possible for educators to attend retreats who would not normally have the resources to do so.

These fellowships are available to people who currently work full-time in pre-K or K-12 education, or are enrolled in a Master’s degree program in education. The long term vision of these fellowships is that they become the basis for an ever-expanding community of educators whose lives and teaching are informed and supported by contemplative practice.

Hemera Fellowships are available for all Against the Stream retreats in 2015.

New applicants who are first-time retreatants, defined as never having attended any residential retreat longer than a weekend, will receive 100% funding for their first retreat as a fellow. New applicants who have previous retreat experience will receive 50% baseline funding, with need-based support available beyond the baseline. Priority is given to those who have never attended a retreat before.

After their first retreat as a fellow, support for additional retreats will be purely need-based.

CLICK HERE to fill out the on-line Fellowship Application Form. You must also submit a retreat application form which can be downloaded from the individual retreat page.