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Meditation Instructor and Group Facilitator Training





We are in the planning stage for our next Year-Long Training Program. We are considering whether to have the training either in Los Angeles or in the proposed San Francisco center. Please let us know which you would attend if accepted into the program. If there is enough interest we might offer two trainings. Please CLICK HERE to let us know. Make sure you read the program description and are aware of the prerequisites. The training will likely start in February 2013.


Thanks for your input.




This training group is designed for people who are now leading or who would like to lead a meditation group in their community. Over the period of one year we will meet as a small group with people from around the country to learn the basic skills of leading these groups.
The training will include:


• Comprehensive study of the Buddha’s four noble truths and the brahma viharas
• Experiential exercises in leading guided meditations
• How to start and sustain a meditation group
• How to answer commonly-asked meditation questions.


* This group is not meant to empower anyone as a Buddhist teacher. It is only for the role of peer-based facilitation of meditation groups and basic meditation instructor.


  PREREQUISITE:  You should have at least five years of meditation experience and at least 20 days of silent retreat experience.