Facilitator Training


Meditation Instructor and Group Facilitator Training


with Noah Levine, Vinny Ferraro and others


This Class Is Full and There is a Waitlist



Jul 26-28, 2013

Oct 18-20, 2013

2014 Dates – TBA




Please note this training has been rescheduled to start in July 2013.


This training is designed for people who are now leading or who would like to lead a meditation group in their community. Over the period of one year we will meet as a small group with people from around the country to learn the basic skills of leading these groups.*
The training will include:


• Comprehensive study of the Buddha’s four noble truths and the brahma viharas
• Experiential exercises in leading guided meditations
• How to start and sustain a meditation group
• How to answer commonly-asked meditation questions.


* This group is not meant to empower anyone as a Buddhist teacher. It is only for the role of peer-based facilitation of meditation groups and basic meditation instructor.


The training group will meet five times over the course of a year at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society in San Francisco for a period of three days each time. Some participants may also have the opportunity to assist Noah at workshops and retreats around the country to get some hands-on training while leading large groups in meditation instructions. The three-day trainings will be opportunities for the group to discuss the literature that has been assigned and to go in-depth into the personal issues that you will face as group facilitators. In addition to the quarterly meetings, each person involved in the training is expected to be prepared to lead a class in their community. (We encourage and suggest getting experience teaching by volunteering at a local rehab, jail or home for the elderly, homeless, etc.)

Noah will also guide each trainee personally on what he feels needs to be developed in order to become the best facilitator possible. For some, this will require longer silent meditation retreats, and for others he may suggest some form of renunciation. By joining this group you are committing to honor Noah’s requests and to follow his suggestions.

The intention behind offering this training is to spread the dharma, and to support and encourage alternatives to the mainstream meditation scene that has taken root so far in the West. Vive La Revolution!!!

The cost of the Meditation Instructor and Group Facilitator Training is $4,000*. ($1,000 Registration fee plus $600 per group session). By joining this group you are fully responsible for the total amount of the training whether you choose to complete it or not. If you can pay for the entire training in advance you will receive a $500 discount. Payment plans are also available.

*Cost does not include books or accommodations for training periods in San Francisco, or fees that may be charged for your accommodations while assisting Noah at retreats.


TO APPLY:  Write one or two paragraphs about why you want to participate in this training program. Include your practice history, any group experience you have had and how you plan to facilitate groups in your community.


TRAINING PREREQUISITE: At least five years of meditation experience and at least 20 days of silent retreat experience. Please outline this experience in your application.


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Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society

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