Full Moon Ceremony

with Joseph Rogers

Next Date Oct 15

10pm – Midnight

Santa Monica


Most important holidays in the Buddhist tradition are marked by the light of the full moon, which represents the enlightenment (the cleansing of the defiled mind) of Siddhartha Gautama. These days of observance (Uposatha) are times of opportunity for practitioners of the Dharma to intensify their practice, to deepen their wisdom, and to express public commitment to the Triple Gem (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha) and to the Precepts (the practice of renunciation dedicated to the development of skillful behavior).

It is our intention to offer a full-moon ceremony quarterly as an opportunity for the Against the Stream community (Sangha) to renew their commitment to the path of practice, renunciation, and wisdom that so many in our community respond to each New Year during our intention-setting ceremony., and to create a meaningful framework of ceremony that inspires our community to continue to envision ourselves as deeply engaged with the Dharma in the fabric of our lives as lay practitioners.

No registration necessary – by donation.

1001a Colorado Ave., Santa Monica