IOTI Getting Started



Against the Stream Insight on the Inside Project




Often, the most difficult part is getting started, since you will be writing to and directly supporting a person that you do not know. The best advice we can give you is to simply start by putting something down on paper and writing a letter or note of introduction. Here are some suggestions:



·         Mention that you are a member of Against the Stream sangha and this is how you got his name and address. 

·         Be sure to let her know that you are writing as a volunteer and NOT as a representative for Against the Stream.

·         Tell your pen pal that you’ve made the commitment to support him for at least the next year.

·         Let her know why you decided to volunteer for Insight on the Inside.

·         Include a little about yourself and your practice. If you have a practice of sending metta to your pen pal, you may consider sharing this with him.



IMPORTANT: if your pen pal does not immediately reach out to you, DO NOT cease sending your letters through the mail at the minimum frequency you have promised. If you have not heard from your pen pal in several months, please discuss the situation with your mentor.


Insight on the Inside Contact:

Emely Ortiz:  or [email protected]