Learning About Buddhism

Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society has sprung forth from the heart of Buddhism in America. What is coming to be known as American Buddhism has its roots in many traditions and lineages of the ancient schools of the Theravada (Old School) and Mahayana (New School), But I believe that the emergence of American Buddhism will in some ways depart from the Ancients. We are in the process of founding a new tradition, one inspired and influenced by all the wisdom and compassion teachings of all of the Buddhist traditions.

Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society is at the forefront of these changes. Having started as a handful of committed spiritual revolutionaries in Northern California, named The Dharma Punx, the movement has grown to thousands of engaged compassionate Buddhists around the world. This movement away from traditional Buddhism and toward an alternative expression of modern anti-establishment rebellion is a necessary one. Much of traditional Buddhism, in both the northern (Mahayana) and southern ( Theravada) is in an awful state of degradation, corruption and delusion. We now have a chance to leave behind the problematic issues of the sexist, classist and racist politics that have corrupted the wonderful non-oppressive teachings of the Buddha.