LGBTQ Engaged Buddhist Meditation Group



Hey friends.


We have made the decision to let go of the LGBTQ meditation group we’ve been facilitating on friday nights. The group has never been particularly well attended and lately the numbers have been way down. We actually think there’s a really positive reason for this which is that the LGBTQ population is so thoroughly integrated here at Against the Stream that the group just isn’t necessary. In many communities, a group like this IS necessary and helpful but in our community we have two out gay teachers who teach many classes every week and on any of our big drop in nights like weds in Melrose and Monday in Santa Monica the presence of our community is obvious. We’re very proud of the accessibility and inclusion that we feel and we all work very hard to make it a reality.


Please know that this isn’t in any way an abandonment of programming for the LGBTQ crowd. On the contrary we are in the middle of planning our first LGBTQ residential retreat and will likely get some day-longs on the calendar as well. In the mean time, join George at his new weekly group every weds in Santa Monica and Pablo Every thursday for his new group, “Connect and Sustain”. Lastly, there are a handful of you who have been loyal to the group, George and I thank you very much for coming and value the two years that we spent holding space for you. We look forward to seeing you as we serve you in different ways.


all my love,


Pablo Das
March 8, 2013