Loving Kindness Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, we are able to offer two scholarships for those with severely limited incomes to each of our retreats in 2016.  The donation will allow the yogi to attend for the cost of $30 per day.

The fees for the scholarship recipients would be as follows:

  • The Meaningful Life – West Coast — $360 (Full Retreat, 12 nights) or $180 (Single Session, 6 nights)
  • Dave Smith & Deborah Eden Tull Retreat — $90 (3 nights)
  • East Coast Retreat at Dharma Drum — $210 (7 nights)
  • Fall Retreat at Joshua Tree — $210 (7 nights)

This application is separate from the regular scholarship application.  Please CLICK HERE to apply for the Loving Kindness Scholarship online.