Mala Making Workshop

Sangha Social

Saturday Dec 13


Santa Monica


Once again Sangha member Matt Sockolov will be offering a mala workshop for anyone who is interested. Malas are used in many spiritual traditions and date back to before the time of the Buddha. Traditionally made from seed or stone, malas are often used in meditation to count mantras. They are worn around the neck or wrist to remind us of our practice.

Join us to learn a little bit about malas, how they are made, and make your own. We will provide dozens of different gemstone and seed beads for you to choose from, numerous pendants and tassels, and teach you to string your own custom mala. Participants may create either a necklace, bracelet, or both!

Cost for materials: $30 for malas, $13 for bracelets, payable to Matt. More info.

Space is limited. Please reserve your space here.