MBA Project

Mind Body Awareness Project and ATS Join Forces

Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society (ATS) and the Mind Body Awareness Project (MBA)are pleased to announce their formal organizational affiliation, effective Jan 1, 2016.

This partnership will bring a deepened stability and focus for both organizations; for ATS by a more direct involvement in social justice issues and MBA who will now have stronger organizational support. Both organizations were founded by Noah Levine in order to promote transformation in both Buddhist circles (ATS) and marginalized communities (MBA), and both organizations and have similar visions which are now expected to compliment and empower the other.

For the last 15 years, MBA has taught mindfulness-based interventions and emotional intelligence to incarcerated and at-risk youth in order to decrease harmful behavior and increase self-awareness. Located in Oakland, CA., MBA is dedicated to continuing its secular, clinical approach in order to serve at-risk youth on a wider scale.

ATS is committed to offering the teachings of the Buddha to whoever is interested and to making them available to traditionally underserved communities. ATS currently has three centers, two of which are located in Los Angeles, and a third center in the Mission District of San Francisco.

ATS will now provide the organizational support and direction which will allow MBA to focus more robustly on its core mission. Likewise, MBA will further ATS’ mission of serving those who may not normally be able to access a way to lessen their personal suffering. Both organizations will continue to operate as separate non-profits but leadership will be shared with ATS Director Mary Stancavage serving as the new Executive Director of MBA, replacing former MBA Executive Director, Roger Miller.

This return of “full circle” is exciting for both organizations; MBA is looking forward to a new chapter in its 15 year history, and ATS is thrilled to be able to partner with MBA in order to spread the teachings of self-awareness and transformation to a larger, wider audience.