The Meaning of Mindfulness:

A Practice & Study on Understanding the Buddha’s teachings on Liberation and Insight

Daylong with Dave Smith and Chris Crotty 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

10:00am – 4:00pm 

Santa Monica 


There is no limit to what can be said about the practice of mindfulness. New areas of science, such as the field of contemplative neuroscience, are emerging to study the effects of mindfulness and meditation on the human brain. Buddhist scholars continue to put out new theories and literature about how the mind was understood and practiced by the Buddha and his immediate followers some 2500 years ago. Despite the increasing diversity of views, beliefs, and opinions among different mindfulness communities, one thing remains clear: mindfulness has positive mental and emotional consequences for those who practice it.

During this day-long event we will explore the theory, practice and application of mindfulness as it’s outlined in early Buddhism. Using a practice-based framework, we will explore how the philosophical and psychological dimensions of Buddhism can be integrated into the exploration of present-time awareness. Drawing heavily from the teachings of the three marks, the five aggregates, the four noble truths, and the four foundations of mindfulness, participants will leave with a concrete framework for developing a mindfulness practice. There will be guided meditations, educational lectures, dialog and some time for Q&A.

This event is appropriate for anyone, regardless of meditation experience. 

COST: Sliding Scale: $35 – $75, plus an offering of dana to the teacher. Please pay at the highest level you can afford to support our programs and pay it forward for those who have less.
Scholarships and work-study are available. No is turned away for lack of funds.

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Dave Smith is a Buddhist meditation teacher, addiction treatment specialist, experienced speaker, and published author. Dave is trained to teach Buddhist meditation by Noah Levine. As a long-time Buddhist practitioner and recovering addict, Dave has been working closely with recovering addicts for over six years. He has extensive experience bringing meditative interventions into jails, prisons, youth detention centers and addiction treatment facilities. He is the founder of the Against the Stream Nashville Meditation Center and teaches over 300 meditation classes and workshops a year. Dave recently relocated to Los Angeles. For opportunities to practice with Dave, please click here.

Chris Crotty is a Buddhist teacher and adjunct professor in alternative medicine.  He is the guiding teacher at Against the Stream Boston.  Chris completed teacher training with Noah Levine and Vinny Ferraro in 2015 and was endorsed to teach metta and vipassana by Sayadaw U Indaka in 2016.  Chris currently studies clinical pastoral education at The Center for Spiritual Care & Pastoral Formation.  –

This daylong will be held at 1001a Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA. Click on the address for info on parking around the Santa Monica Center.