Mindfully Exploring Pleasure

STEPHANIE NASH’s “Pleasure Workshop” in FEB


Exploring Pleasure


 A 4-week series with Stephanie Nash

 Tuesdays Starting November 2

7:30-9:00 pm

Santa Monica


meditation be fun?

Can I
get the same benefits from noticing pleasant experience as I can from watching
the breath?

meditation help me with my habit of negative thinking?


noticing how we create our world, with thoughts, feelings & perceptions,
and by choosing to selectively attend to even quite subtly positive, pleasant,
healthy experience – without grasping – we can create new habits of thinking,
feeling and responding to our moment-by-moment experience (creating more ease,
happiness & insight.) “Mindfully Exploring Pleasure” is a fun, sometimes relaxing, sometimes moving journey through discriminating and fully experiencing pleasant and positive experiences in all sense gates (hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, feeling and thinking) using techniques and strategies that are applicable in one’s daily life.The added benefits are the development of Concentration, Sensory Clarity and Equanimity which Shinzen Young calls the “3-Fold Skill-Set of what is developed by and used in mindfulness practice.

Added benefits?   How about developing: Concentration, Sensory
Clarity & Equanimity
“3-Fold Skill-Set” of what is developed by & used in mindfulness or
Vipassana practice.)



Cost: $20 per week; $70 if paid in full in advance. There will be an opportunity to give dana to the teacher. Some scholarships and work-study is available. Please call for info.


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Stephanie Nash has taught & facilitated others
in Shinzen’s techniques since1999.  She
wrote the study guide for Shinzen’s “Talks on Teaching Series” and has often
taught for Shinzen with his “Basic Mindfulness” home retreat program &
sometimes on retreat.

has been interviewed a few times on KPFK, with Roy of Hollywood, about eating
meditation and working with post-election depression, among other topics, and a
year ago Steph began a YouTube channel for interviews she’s done – &
continues to do – with Shinzen Young & other teachers. (http://www.youtube.com/user/ShinzenInterviews)

teaches privately & leads monthly Sunday workshops in Santa Monica, as well
as volunteering for the monthly VSI Saturday Sit in Santa Monica and Shinzen
Young’s retreats 4 times a year. 

introduced Steph to the Red Road in 1998 and the friendship took – (although her
teaching schedule keeps her from getting to lodges like she used to.)   Steph also teaches film directors to work
with actors at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (…she’s an
‘associate professor’, actually) and she has been a working actress for
decades.  (It could drive anyone to
meditation.)   Look for a women’s
workshop, taught with Julianna Raye, around the corner.

For more
info on any of this
: Nash Arts & Meditation: http://www.nasharts.com/


This class will be held at 1001a Colorado Ave. Santa Monica, CA  90401