Miya Ando Art




Against the Stream is proud to announce the installation of 8-Fold Path, a piece created especially for us by Miya Ando. 


Miya Ando is an award-winning artist who creates meditative works on
steel canvas. Half-Japanese and half-Russian, Miya grew up between two
worlds; a Buddhist temple in Japan and in Northern California. Raised
by sword smith turned Buddhist priests, Miya has created a unique genre
and technique for her metal works. Miya’s work has been called “a
must-see for anyone interested in post-minimal art’ by the New York
Times, her work is exhibited and collected internationally and recently
her large-scale, public works have been commissioned for various
non-denominational spiritual spaces.


When Miya left her temple in Japan, she promised that, as soon as it was possible, she would create a piece for a Buddhist space. Against the Stream is the recipient of her generosity. 



Representing physical, emotional and spiritual landscapes, the elements of Ando’s compositions are akin to the Meditation Center’s. A practicing Buddhist herself, Ando’s art is both meditative and a tribute to honoring, respecting and nourishing. Ando’s commission for Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society consists of a grid of four steel square canvases measuring four feet each. The configuration is a metaphor for the Dharma Wheel and the 8-fold path. The surface of the squares’ metal material reflects this special organization’s powerful, sincere and inspiring integrity. The art focuses on the pure intentions of its setting.

Ando said, “I’m just honored to make the piece and have it in the space there, it’s the apex of my career
to be able to make a piece for a public, Buddhist space.” And we say, “Thank you Miya!”


For more info, please visit Miya’s site, www.miyaando.com.


Additional thanks go to g tects architecture and design firm for their help with this project, www.gtects.com



You can also read an interview with Miya in Shambhala Sun Space.


Title: 8-Fold Path
Size: 8′ x 8′ installed
Medium: Steel, patina, pigment, automotive lacquer
Date: 2009 Created for the Sangha of the Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society
Photos by Cat Gwynn