Monday Night Sit with Matthew Brensilver- Live Streamed!

Can’t make it to tonight’s sit? Live in LA and miss Matthew like crazy? Please join us in a special experiment on Monday 10/12! We’ll be testing out the first-ever live stream of our sangha here in SF, and we’d love for you to join us. We’d also love to have your feedback on how it went!

Here’s the streaming link:

During the sit, you might want to set an alarm for 30 minutes. If the stream fails during the sit, it may not automatically restart on your computer. If so, you’ll need to press play again.

This is our first real test of streaming out of the San Francisco center. So… there may be some hiccups as we test all the tech needed to make it happen. Please have patience with us as we work with our (not exactly the fastest) internet connection and try to get the dharma seeds fitted into their little data packets and out to you.

We would love feedback (and really need it)! Was it good for you too? Or not so much? Let us know how it went with video quality, audio quality, connection (did it stop and start) and/or any other good or bad things you noticed. We eventually plan on doing this weekly, but the next test won’t be until November. Please email [email protected] with feedback.

We’ll start broadcasting at 7:25pm PST .

Hope you’ll join us!