Neighborhood Cleanup

May 30, 2015


924 N. Kingsley Dr.
East Hollywood, CA 90029


The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council has invited us to participate in it’s monthly Neighborhood Cleanup. Please consider this way of making a difference to our community.

We will be cleaning up in the Kingsley Vista neighborhood of East Hollywood near where Ardmore meets Lemon Grove and Kingsley and working our way out until we fill the bin!

  • Get to know your neighbors!
  • Support your community!
  • Make East Hollywood BEAUTIFUL!!

The City supplies us with bags, disposable gloves, brooms, shovels, a huge dumpster, etc.  We are thrilled to have the Los Angeles Beautification Team joining us to remove the spectacular assortment of graffiti in this neighborhood.  If you would like to bring heavier duty gloves, you are encouraged to do so.  Otherwise, just bring yourself, your kids, some friends, your great attitude and neighborhood pride!  Our sponsors will be providing water, snacks and supplies. Please come out and join your friends and neighbors to help make East Hollywood beautiful! Sick of the graffiti? The dumped furniture? The accumulated trash? Concerned about the homeless?  Volunteer!