No Self

A Four Week Class Series with Michael Taft
Tuesdays beginning April 18th
San Francisco


The Buddha declared that there were three “marks” or truths about existence: impermanence, suffering, and no-self. This means that no-self is an integral aspect of all existence in the world. Far from being some special trance that we have to cultivate, no-self is simply a part of ourselves, others, and the world that we can learn to contact directly. Contacting no self clearly is a crucial feature in working with ourselves, skillfully interacting and connecting with others, and even being in the world in an enlightened way.

In this four week long class, Michael W. Taft will teach you to recognize no-self and contact it in your experience. Using classic teachings, as well as stories, practices, and discussion you will grow in both your understanding of the history, philosophy, and background of no-self. More importantly, you will increase your familiarity with no-self in your own experience.

Michael W. Taft is an author, editor, meditation teacher, and neuroscience junkie. He is currently a meditation coach specializing in secular, science-based meditation training in corporate settings and one-on-one sessions. Michael is the author of several books, including the upcoming The Mindful Geek, and Nondualism: A Brief History of a Timeless Concept, Ego (which he co-authored), as well as the editor of such books as Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson and the upcoming The Science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young. From Zen temples in Japan to yogi caves in India, Michael has been meditating for over thirty years and has extensive experience in both Buddhist and Hindu practice. Michael is a senior facilitator in Shinzen Young’s Basic Mindfulness system. He currently lives in Berkeley, California, and is founding editor of the popular mindfulness meditation blog Deconstructing Yourself.

Open to all.

Cost: $20 per class or $70 if paid in advance. There will be an opportunity to offer dana to the teacher at each class (teachers receive a portion of the reg fee and are supported by dana).  Some scholarships and work-study are available. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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This class series will be held at Against the Stream San Francisco
2701 Folsom Street 415.695.2864