VoM October 2012



Our volunteers are an integral part of what makes both of our centers run efficiently.  We offer 17 weekly classes along with ongoing series, daylong classes, special events, fundraising events, sangha socials and more. How would we manage all of this without these special people?

Because we honor the generosity that the volunteers bring to our sangha we are going to spotlight two volunteers every month, one from ATS Santa Monica and one from ATS Melrose.

Jake Finney – Melrose

I started volunteering for daylong events in 2009 at the Melrose location. I’ve also hosted two different class series with George Haas and I’m currently hosting the 11am sit the first Sunday of every month. My favorite event, by far, is the New Year’s intention setting ceremony. As a volunteer, I enjoy interacting with all our sangha members, talking to beginners, and getting to know the teachers. It’s helped me stay connected to my practice and gain appreciation for the different viewpoints teachers bring with them.


Carol Houst – Santa Monica

Carol has been volunteering for Against the Stream for a few years now. She has been a steady presence at the Monday night class in Santa Monica where she commands the credit card machine like no other. Carol has also hosted numerable daylong events. You will see her at most classes with a large notebook in hand taking copious notes concerning the dharma. Her dedication to supporting the sangha has been highly noticeable and appreciated deeply. Carol also exemplifies a deep sense of lovingkindness towards other sangha members and loves talking about the dharma.


Thank you so much Jake and Carol for your continued support and generosity.

For those of you who are reading this I encourage you to express your gratitude to Jake and Carol the next time you see them.


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