Photo Shoot


Photo Shoot


Against the Stream Sangha Members,

We are doing the Dharma Punx photo shoot again.  If you didn’t get your
portrait done before, or if you’re new to the center since then, now is the time
to do it!

The shoot is going to happen on Friday evening (6 – 9pm), March 18th and on
Saturday (9:30am – 3:30pm), March 19th at the Hollywood center, and then
we’re moving
over to shoot on Sunday(11am – 5pm), March 20th at the Santa Monica

Please email me your first time frame preference, and your second
preference too – and please note, first come first serve!  I will start creating
a list of
when everyone will be slotted in time wise.  Based on the original
shoot I’m thinking there will be 4 to 5 slots per hour –
and if you plan to be
photographed with a friend, group of friends, or your partner/ spouse then
please note that to me in your email confirmation.

(323) 819-6500 – phone
What I need from you in your confirmation email is:

Your name and phone number and email address

What day and time you’d like to come by to be photographed – and please
include your first and second time preference.  
If you DON’T hear back from me
then arrive at your first time preference, and I will only email you back if
your 1st preference
is already too booked up and will confirm you coming on your
second time preference instead.  

Let me know if you will be photographed as an individual or in some sort of
a group – and please give me the name of the person(s) you’ll be photographed
with and your relationship, I.E.: mom, sister, boyfriend, best friend, group of
friends, etc…  
As for what to wear and what to bring – this is your time to shine as the
unbelievable cool individual that you are so wear what you’re comfortable in and
you feel best represents who you are.  If you have a prop or something else
to put in your portrait, be it:  an amulet, a book, hat, glasses, scarf, your
cushion, pipe, magic wand, bull whip, angel-wings, or whatever else
your heart desires then bring it along and we’ll factor it in.  I cannot stress
how much I
want you to be who you are, right here – right now!  Come with your
hair and make-up done – but please note, we will have a hair & make-up
person as part of the
photo crew grooming and making sure you’re powdered and
looking good, because lets face it – we are a damn fine looking group of people
and we might as well look as best as we can – right?!  And there’s always the
final refinement of Photoshop too.  ; )  

Again, if you have any questions please email me or call, and of course
email me your confirmation as soon as you can so I can get your portrait
time set up
and put onto a master schedule.

I send my best,

**Although Cat is donating all her time, we’re asking for donations to defray the actual expenses. Your generosity that day is appreciated.