Weekly Classes

Our weekly classes are ongoing, drop in classes that are open to everyone. There is no registration required and they are offered by donation only. We have cushions and chairs and there is no need to bring anything.Unless otherwise noted, these classes are open to all levels of practitioner.

Day Long Programs

Full day retreats and workshops are offered by a variety of teachers on a variety of topics. These allow the student to have a more in-depth look a particular subject and experience a longer practice time than a weekly class session. Specific details are available by clicking on the individual daylong.

Half Day Programs

These programs are offered in a morning or afternoon and will cover a particular topic or offer an extended practice period. Specific details are available by clicking on the individual half day.

Class Series

Our series are extended classes that can run a few weeks up to several months or a year. These allow an extended exploration of different facets of Buddhist teachings and are excellent for students who wish to take their practice to a deeper level.

Residential Retreats

Residential retreats offer the opportunity to spend extended amount of time in practice. Held in a container of noble silence, each day consists of periods of sitting and walking meditation with instructions and dharma talks. Our retreats are suitable for all levels of practitioner.


Special Events

From time to time we schedule Special Events that we feel will be of interest to our community. In the past we have hosted plays, concerts and unique programming.

Private Instruction

Some Against the Stream teachers are available outside of the regular class setting for those who wish private instruction. Even though there is usually ample time for questions in the classes and sits offered by ATS, some people have difficulty asking a question, or even framing it, in a large group. Others feel that something may be too personal to bring up in a group setting. And some just feel more comfortable with individual instructions. A one-to-one connection with an experienced practitioner is a way to nourish one’s practice.


Meet the Against the Stream teachers and facilitators who offer the teachings at our centers.Teachers are fully empowered to teach Buddhadharma. Facilitators are trained to lead meditations and facilitate groups and discussions.