Cheryl Slean Daylong


Natural Awareness and Wisdom

A Day of Mindfulness

led by Cheryl Slean

Saturday March 8

9:30am – 4pm



It is just when the mind is quiet and cool, in a state of well-being, undisturbed, well concentrated and fresh, that some solution to a persistent problem is arrived at.

Ven. Buddhadhasa



The Buddha taught that the causes of suffering and stress in the mind can be understood and released through meditative insight, a natural and spontaneous process of intuitive, nonrational knowing. While we can’t “make” insight happen, we can cultivate the conditions that support its arising, in particular concentration, or a mind collected in awareness and wisdom. There are many meditation techniques aimed at cultivating concentration, including the familiar calming practice of focusing attention on a single object of experience, like the breath or a mantra. But concentration is not dependent on any particular object: rather, it is the continuity of awareness moment-to-moment that supports concentration, and continuity can also be established with the many changing objects of our natural experience.


This day of mindfulness will present the practice of “choiceless” awareness, which aims to establish concentration through a relaxed and receptive attention to whatever might be arising: body sensations, other sense experience, mental and emotional phenomena. This form of mindfulness can be practiced without tension and through all activities, making it an ideal practice for daily life, creating more opportunity for insight, and a relaxed, clear and loving mind.


Cost: Sliding Scale of $40-$70 plus dana for the instructor. Please pay at the highest level you can afford to support our programs and those who have less.



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Some scholarships and work-study is available. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Cheryl Slean has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1995 and studying Vipassana since 1998. She was invited to teach by her teacher, Rodney Smith, and has subsequently taught meditation at many secular and spiritual venues including Seattle Insight Meditation, Swedish Medical Center, Michael’s House for Addiction Recovery and Insight Community of the Desert where she is a founding board member. Cheryl is also a witer, filmmaker and educator working in the arts, healthcare research and environmental sustainability.


This daylong will be held at 4300 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA. Click HERE for info about the Melrose Center