A Five Changes Workshop with Michele Benzamin-Miki

Sunday August 10

Noon – 4pm

Santa Monica



Emotions + beliefs = attitude.
Your emotions. together with your beliefs, determine how you navigate your life, your attitude, your disposition, the results you get, and the experiences you have. There is a common idea that emotions are simply what they are, and must be taken at face value. We say, “trust your emotions,” or “speak your truth.” Unfortunately, acting on your emotions alone is not always in your best interest.

Some people imagine that if you observe emotions they will gradually change. Actively transforming them is thought to be impossible, or the result of a lucky accident. Transformation is not about denying your emotions or suppressing them, it is a journey towards mastery, and it may be easier than you have been told.

Learn to move from frustration to celebration and confidence, from self-doubt to creativity and delight, from resentment and fear to empathy and rapport.

For centuries emotions were mysteriously linked to the moon. Their power was like the invisible force of the tides and seasons. August 10th is Super Moon Day, the day when the full moon is closest to the Earth, the day traditionally associated with the irresistible power of emotions. What better day to learn the skills of emotional transformation, and move towards a different equation?

Attitude + action = results

Re-energize your dreams and cut through some of the negative emotions and beliefs that keep getting in your way, using tools from NLP, Hypnosis, Gestalt and Family Constellation work, under the umbrella of mindfulness!

Bring your goals big and small, a notepad, pen, and be ready to be surprised.

Cost: Sliding Scale of $30-$60 plus dana for the instructor. Please pay at the highest level you can afford to support our programs and those who have less.

$100 Plus Monthly Supporters attend for no cost. Please Click Here for more info on our Monthly Supporter program.Some scholarships and work-study is available. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Michele Benzamin-Miki cofounder of Five Changes and Manzanita Village retreat center in Warner Springs, CA. has mentored and trained individuals and facilitated retreats and training-seminars worldwide for more than twenty-five years. Using combined skills as Master Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Gestalt, with three decades of experience as a Zen and Vipassana teacher. Michele is a woman of high ranking in the martial arts of Aikido and two forms of Iaido sword, and a visual and performance artist. The work we do at Five Changes has been referred to as magical, ‘alchemical’, beyond the range of what is usually considered possible, because of the synergy of all these tools and skills.



This workshop will be held at our Santa Monica Center, 1001a Colorado Ave., Santa Monica