5Rhythms® Movement as Meditation

Kate Shela is Returning to LA

Dec 19

10:00am – 11:30am  Santa Monica                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Movement as Meditation:

You are invited to a morning of movement meditation. An opportunity to ride the Wave. The 5Rhythms® are a moving meditation map that guide you deeply into the inner landscapes of your body, heart and mind and invite you to physicalize the stories held in these places. Allowing yourself the opportunity through movement to arrive at a place of equanimity.

Gabrielle Roth, the creator of the practice believed that : ‘If you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself ‘and she saw that most western minds found it challenging to simply sit and find peace and just as yoga was created to loosen the body in preparation for sitting meditation, Gabrielle saw that we were governed by beat and bang and the 4 x 4 beat of rock and pop. The practice engages our mind and drops us into the beat, and from there we can develop a relationship with our psyche and creativity.

This practice is not just for ‘Dancers’, this work is for all bodies, shapes and sizes. All ages and physical abilities. Truly, it simply requires some curiosity and  willingness to explore what is just beneath our skin. To allow many musical landscapes to guide you through the map of the Rhythms.

This is a laboratory of seeing oneself with fascination. To meet oneself and others in all our humanity. 

No registration necessary, just show up.


Cost: $20 (no one turned away for lack of funds)Please wear loose comfortable clothes, a soft shoe or barefoot. Bring a bottle of water. Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or jewelry.

Kate Shela is a 5Rhythms teacher, shamanic teacher, and shamanic practitioner. She is known for her enormous passion, a vulnerable sense of the intimate and an ability to create community and tribe. Kate possesses a bold improvisational style and a passionate sense of humour that enables magic to ooze into the everyday moments. She is a senior instructor within The 5Rhythms founded by the late Gabrielle Roth with whom she has been closely associated since 1992. She is accredited to teach both Waves and Heartbeat maps. Kate has been teaching at Against The Stream for 4 years and is committed to her own sitting practice.


Kate Shela knows something. I’m not certain what it is, but I know it’s important. In her words and her movement, she shows us what it is to be alive in the body and how this embodiment is an essential part of being free.”

“In the 5Rhythms, I gain insight into what and who conditions my movement in the same way that in meditation I might see who’s voices conditioned my critical mind…and Kate displays the fruit of her practice in her very being. She’s for real. Dance here now!”


This class will be held at 1001a Colorado Blvd., Santa Monica 90401