George Haas Retreat



Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society

The Meaningful Life Retreat

July 2015



George Haas


Sunday July 19  – Sunday, July 26 (seven nights)


Zaca Lake, Los Olivos, CA


$650 – $1,150 (sliding scale). The cost of the retreat is $650. Anything you pay above this on the sliding scale will support the scholarship program and is tax-deductible.
All rooms are shared. Some scholarships are available and the minimum scholarship payment is $325. We have limited scholarship funds and may not be able to support all who need a scholarship to attend. Please consider making payment arrangements if you need support to attend the retreat. If you are interested, please contact us. Download the forms to apply for a scholarship.If you would like to make a donation to the Scholarship Fund, please CLICK HERE and indicate it is for the Meaningful Life Retreat. You can also indicate if the donation is for a specific person or sangha.





This retreat is based on George’s Meaningful Life course. The teachings offered will enable you to use your meditation practice as a way to come into radical acceptance of yourself as you are now, without wanting to change anything. Using John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory as a model of how we connect to others, you will investigate how you can be completely yourself in your relationship with others and with your work. In other words, have a meaningful life.There will be a class each morning along with meditation instructions. And there will be metta practice each afternoon. This retreat offers the opportunity to experience extended practice periods and time to investigate your experience which is often not available in our daily life.