What are my Prospects for Enlightenment?

A Daylong Retreat with Shinzen Young

Sunday Oct. 19, 2014
9:30am – 5pm
Santa Monica


Some teachers make enlightenment the stated goal for their students while others avoid talking about it at all.  Is enlightenment a feasible goal for a householder?  To answer this question, we must carefully analyze the various ways in which enlightenment may be defined, the fundamental factors that facilitate enlightenment, and the basic modes in which enlightenment may occur: sudden versus gradual, spontaneous versus cultivated, balanced versus lop-sided, and so forth.

Shinzen will also use this presentation as an opportunity to introduce his latest innovation, “flexible noting”.

Cost: Sliding Scale $40-$75 plus dana for the teacher.

Scholarships and work study are available

No one is turned away for lack of funds

Registration is now closed, you can register at time of class

Shinzen Young became fascinated with Asian culture while a teenager in Los Angeles. Later he enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Buddhist Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Eventually, he went to Asia and did extensive monastic training in each of the three major Buddhist meditative traditions: Vajrayana, Zen, and Vipassana. His specialty is linking Eastern internal science and Western technological science. More information can be found at shinzen.org and basicmindfulness.org

This class will be held at 1001a Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA