SF Updates

December 2014 Update


Construction: Construction began this summer and the original completion date was sometime in November/December. As often happens, more work appears once the original work gets under way. The contractor uncovered a lot of foundational work that needed to be done and that has added about six weeks to the project. Currently we’re looking at a February opening, but we’re hoping we can get in sooner. The good news is that the landlord is picking up the cost for this new work.


Fundraising: We had a very successful Indiegogo campaign this summer and raised over $54,000 for the construction. Other members of the sangha have been extremely generous and we currently have enough money to finish the project. However, we need your continued support to help us with the finishing touches before we open. And, we have started paying rent on the facility so if you are able to become a Monthly Supporter, now would be a great time to sign up.


Next Steps: We’re waiting to get a final completion date and then it will be all hands on deck.  If you’ve signed up to become a volunteer already, thank you! We’re working on compiling a list of our immediate and future needs as we speak and will be reaching out with more details very soon. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Sign up here. We’re also putting a schedule of classes together and lining up teachers for daylongs. We’re excited about the future and hope you are as well.

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