SAT Tips


Against The Stream
Buddhist Meditation Society Sit-A-Thon


September 11, 2011


10am – 6pm


Santa Monica



Fundraising Hints


Set a fundraising goal: No matter how much you think you can
raise, set a goal and try to achieve it. Set your fundraising goal high and you
will be surprised by how much you can raise.


Ask for a specific contribution for
the day
: Instead of
being sponsored per meditation session, ask your sponsors for a specific amount
for the day. This makes it easier for you and for them since they can pay you
in advance, or contribute on line.


Ask your sponsors to PAY WHEN THEY
: This will
speed up the money going to support the center and allow you to avoid making a
second trip to collect the contributions. Your sponsors’ canceled checks will
serve as their receipt. Online credit card donors will receive an e-mail


Bring the Sponsor Form and all
collected donations with you to the Sit-A-Thon
. You can check in twenty minutes
before each hour. No one will be checked in during the meditation session. You
can always mail contributions to Against the Stream, 4300 Melrose Ave., Los
Angeles, CA 90029.



Tips for Sponsorship

People have different ways of asking for funds. Some
people feel most comfortable just sponsoring themselves. Some people ask the
loved ones closest to them, who understand what an impact Against the Stream
has made in their lives. Other people send out a general email to friends,
family, and community members who they think might have an interest in Against
the Stream and how it works.  Some people
even ask for matching funds from their companies.


The important thing to remember when asking for money is
to maintain openness and clarity of intention. All you can do is ask. You have
an opportunity to bring much-needed funds to the center, and your friends and
family have an opportunity to support an organization that makes a difference
in many people’s lives. If some people don’t want to give, they will let you
know. And if some people do want to give, you can accept their offerings with
gratitude. It may feel important to you to let everyone know that no matter
what they give, no matter how large or small a gift, you appreciate it.