SF Letter from Noah

Hello Nor-Cal, SF, Oak, Marin, SJ, and the rest of the Bay Area Dharma Punx, Againsters, Back of the Busies and Urban Dharma enthusiasts!


I am very very happy to announce that we are going to open an Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society Center in San Francisco this year. A very generous member of the sangha has donated the initial $28,000 to get the ball rolling, but we will need your help and support to make it a reality. Please follow this link to donate.




Here in Los Angeles we have just celebrated the Fourth Anniversary of our centers. It has been such a blessing to have two places to call our own, to meet and meditate, to gather for social events and to host other teachers. With the support of the sangha we have been paying the bills and keeping doors open. We love our centers and we are confident that San Francisco is the right place to help have a center next. What has worked best for us is when people become monthly supporters, giving a set amount each month.


I know you love the dharma as much as I do, and I am sure that you will want to have a place to practice with your community on a regular basis. All it is gonna take is some financial participation. If you can give $10 that is welcomed, if you can give $100 that is welcomed, if you can give $1,000 or $10,000 that is welcomed. Those who have more generally give more, but there is no donation that is too small. If every one pitches in we will have a center in no time.


The vision includes daily meditation groups, daylongs, a place for individual meetings with teachers, Buddhist recovery groups, intro classes, GLBTQ groups, special topic courses, such as “a year to live” or “Secular Buddhism”, facilitator trainings and much much more.


Vinny and the Back of the Bus group will continue to meet on Friday nights in the new location. Gene is considering adding a second night of the week to his schedule. And it looks like you will very likely be getting one or more of our teachers from Los Angeles, perhaps Pablo Das or Mathew Brensilver maybe even both of them.


I will be at The SF group this Friday April 6th to rally the troops and share with you my hopes and visions for a healthy and sustainable sangha with a home in the city. I hope to see you there.




Noah Levine