Summer Challenge

Thank you so much to those who helped make our Summer Challenge a great success. We raised the $10,000 we were looking for. Our new website is in the works and we’ll begin work on improving our virtual communications.  We would not be here without you.


A generous donor has given us $10,000 with a challenge to double it this summer and we need your support.  We’ve earmarked the funds to build a new website, which will cost $15,000.  The remaining money will be used to upgrade our recording equipment and technical infrastructure to enhance the quality of our podcasts and begin streaming our classes.

We’re really excited about this opportunity to support our virtual community by improving our outreach and staying true to our mission of making the teachings of the Buddha available to all who are interested. We hear from you regularly and it is our aim to support you.

“I listen to the Podcasts while at work. The dharma talks really help keep me centered while chaos surrounds me. Thank you.”

“I find myself listening [to the podcasts] over and over again. I just wanted you to know that out here in the nothingness, your experiences and teaching are helping so many I’m sure. I am one. Thank you!”

We also intend to make our website a place that both local and outlying communities will find useful. We heard your voices loud and clear in our recent survey and are excited to move forward with this important project.

Your support, however large or small, is appreciated.  Please consider making a donation to the Summer Challenge. It will go a long way in supporting the Against the Stream community near and far.


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