Work Study


Work Study at ATS


Against the Stream’s intention is to make the teachings of the Buddha accessible to everyone. Therefore, the fees we ask for daylongs, classes and special events are kept as low as possible. We understand, however, not everyone can afford the fees and no one is ever turned away from an event for lack of funds, so we offer a flexible work-study program which benefits us all.


Our work-study program offers you a chance to support the center in lieu of fees and helps us in many ways.  For instance we ask that you contribute two hours of work for the center for attending a daylong retreat.  Or you can do one hour of work-study for a half day retreat or a special class.


There are limited positions available per class.  If there are no positions available you may still attend the class but we will put you on a list and within six months you have the opportunity to complete your commitment. You can be of service at a weekly class you regularly attend by helping with set-up, greeting, tea maker, or so on. We also need help with some admin tasks. We hope the work-study program will be a match of our needs and your skills.


This program also has other benefits. Giving back to the sangha, supporting the teachers and the center are part of Buddhist practice.  Helping to care for the community who supports you in your practice creates a web of interdependence that is essential for our sangha to grow and thrive.


If you are interested in doing a work-study exchange please call us at 323-665-4300 or email us HERE.