Sutta Study Group

The Middle Length Discourses – Majjhima Nikāya

A Bi-Weekly Group

January to April 2015

First Meeting – Jan 24,  3pm – Melrose


The Sati Center for Buddhist Studies is offering an on-line class studying the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha. Although this class offers on-line forums for participants, we will hold a regular session facilitated by Mary Stancavage to supplement those groups and foster a local community.

This class is a wonderful opportunity to dive into the original source material and experience the richness of the literature. This is the equivalent of a master’s level class with weekly sutta readings, study guides written by Gil Fronsdal and additional materials and resources to round off the experience. For detailed information on the the course, please visit the Sati Center Study Course. Please note that the Sati Center asks that all participants register before January 12. Registration forms are available at the study course webpage. This course is freely given with an opportunity to offer dana.

If you have registered and plan to participate with our local group, please let us know via  RSVP.  We will be coordinating with the Sati Center.