Training and Certification Program

Mentor Training for The Meaningful Life and the Meditation Interventions for the Addiction Process

with George Haas and JoAnna Harper

An 18-month Training Starting Aug 7, 8 & 9


“We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place of the first time” – T.S. Elliot

This mentor training program is intended for people who wish to make a life in the Dharma. We are looking for people who are developing their own deep meditation practice, and who have the availability to take on the role of meditation mentor for people engaged in The Meaningful Life 10 Month Intensive and the Meditation Interventions for the Addiction Process 10 Month Intensive series.

The Meaningful Life 10 Month Intensive is a meditation-based, relationship skills training using John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory as the model for how we connect to people and to our work.

Meditation Intervention for the Addiction Process 10 Month Intensive is a meditation-based, relapse-prevention skills training program for people dealing with addiction to substances and behaviors.

Both of these intensives use the format of two brick-and-mortar classes a month, two one-on-one Skype mentoring sessions a month, and Morning Meditation, a six-day a week conference call based guided meditation. As the number of students taking the intensives increases, there is a corresponding increase in demand for trained mentors. Certified Mentors are financially compensated based on the number of students they work with.
The mentor training is intended to develop a working knowledge of Theravada Buddhism, Shinzen Young’s meditation techniques, John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory, G. Alan Marlatt’s relapse prevention model, Motivational Interviewing, Allan Schore’s Affect Regulation model, and group strategies for developing relational-mindfulness. Each of the workshops will be co-taught by George Haas and JoAnna Harper.
Starting in August of 2015, the mentor training cohort will meet for six three-day workshops over 18 months. The cohort is limited to 20 people and is open to people who do not intend to take the 10 Month Intensive series. People who want certification will be required to pass a written and an oral exam. The certification is through Against the Stream.

Class will start in August 2015 (7,8,9) and meet each December, April and August until April 2017. Dates TBA.

The cost of the training is $4,200 without certification, and $4,500 with certification.  $$500 Registration fee and $1,000 is due by the first class session ($1,000 each in Apr, Aug & Dec 2016). Class must be paid in full whether completed or not. Some financial aid and payment plans are available.

If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact: [email protected] or by telephone: 213-820-7800.


The application process is now closed.


JoAnna  JoAnna Harper has been exploring and practicing multiple traditions since 1999. In 2005, her focus landed on Buddhism   and Vipassana meditation, which is the premise for most of her current teaching. She teaches; adult and teen weeklong silent retreats, day longs and weekly classes, and works with at risk youth and non at risk youth in institutional and school settings. She has been trained in council facilitation with the Ojai Foundation, is a graduate of Noah Levine’s Against the Stream teacher training and is currently in the Spirit Rock/IMS/IMC four-year teacher training. She is the grateful mother of CJ and Harris – her main inspirations.


George  George Haas began his path with a period of light-weight spiritual seeking (and heavy-duty drug and alcohol use). In 1978, he began a serious exploration of the 11th step of the 12-Step tradition, working primarily with concentration to reduce the anxiety of living sober. In an effort to make sense out of, and live with, the mounting AIDS deaths of the 1980s, Mr. Haas began walking the Red Road (traditional Native American spiritual practices) and reading Buddhist texts. Moving to Los Angeles from Manhattan in 1992 to work in the film and photography trades, George began sitting Vipassana at Ordinary Dharma in Venice, and reading extensively. In 1998, he began study with his current teacher, Shinzen Young, and Vipassana Support International, where he is now a senior facilitator. George teaches regularly at ATS. He offers a guided-meditation via conference call Monday through Saturday mornings, 7:30-7:55am, and teaches privately via Skype, phone, email, text & IM, which Los Angeles Magazine included on its Best of LA 2011 list as “Best Online Buddhist Meditation.” For more information check out his website: or call him at 213-820-7800.